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This section mainly revolves around my skiing class, consisting in no particular order of:
Andrew, Paul, Wendy, Zoe, David, Don, Faith and myself. They were all a very understanding and forgiving bunch considering my propensity for taking people out. I wasn't called The Alpine Assassin for nothing you know!
Gang This is us lot outside the pizza place in Villeneuve. This was basically where I could be found every lunchtime, weighing up my afternoon skiing options.
David - quite possibly the one with the most potential of the group. He buggered his knee on Day 3 though, which meant he was out of action for the rest of our stay. david
Wendy and Tony Wendy & Tony outside one of the lunchtime haunts. You can vaguely see the nursery slopes to the left of Wendy's head - they are the flat ones in case you were wondering.
Zoe - looking particulary mischievious if I might say so. She was the one who originally dubbed me the Alpine Assassin and who told me not to ski near her as I was a calamity waiting to happen. I know she didn't really mean it.... Zoe
Gang A wee forray into nighttime drinkies. Couldn't tell you the name of the bar, but it seemed like fun at the time. Left to right - Andrew, Don, Wendy, me, someone else and Paul.
Andrew - one of the chuckle brothers. This must have been before I whipped his ass at pool, cos he's still smiling. Oh how I love stirring in my editorial, when the victims can't fight back... ;-) Andrew
Paul Paul, the other chuckle brother if you han't already guessed. Very good at wiggles.
The last day at Villeneuve, Serre Chevalier. Notice my expression of joy on handing back my skiis Last day
Mickey Notice its innocent slopes and its gente undulating curves. Witness my bete noir. My living nightmare. This is Mickey. An innocuous looking green slope from a distance, a killer close up.
Well OK, it was pretty easy really, but it was a sneaky little bugger when it wanted to be.
This is just a pretty picture really. I'd like to say I tackled this peak, but you would know I was lying. mountain