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So there I was, having been invited along skiing with a group of Rebecca's friends, thinking 'how hard can it be?'... I mean you point your skis downhill and woosh along until you get to the bottom right? Oh how the mighty have fallen since then.
Click on the pictures to see the big man-size version...
Villeneuve This is a picture of Villeneuve the town we were staying in. It's particularly unusual, as I managed to take the pictures in between falling over on my arse. The snow may be picturesque, but it is also treachorous...
This is the view from our chalet bedroom window. Rebecca and I had to share a bed, no doubt fuelling untold rumours about which side we bat for, but despite some fights over blanket rights, it all went fairly smoothly. View
Rebecca and Claire Bog standard picture of me and Rebecca in a restaurant in Villeneuve. The picture was taken shortly before gorging ourselves on Raqulette (sp?), thereby spoiling my appetite for cheese forever...
Bill looking deeply suspect. Not entirely convinced by the whole photo-taking malarky, methinks... Bill
David David - the chief organiser of the holiday and a good mate of Bill's in particular.
This is me with the chalet staff, namely John (bottom centre) and Rachel (top middle). The other girl is of unknown origin, but seemed nice enough at the time. Chalet staff
John & Rachel John and Rachel again. This was taken about 1am, and we all had to be up at sparrows fart the next day with matching hangovers. And they STILL look cheerful!
Rebecca and her infamous hat. Rebecca