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December saw me embarking on my first proper sailing trip with some people from my day skipper class. Sailing in December doesn't instantly strike a person as being the best time of year to brave the elements, but then sensibilty has never been a priority for me. In actuality, the weather was really rather nice and a rather fun and boozy time was had by all.
Skipper Allow me to introduce Chris Clark aka 'Clarky'. This is the man who thought it was a good idea to entrust his yacht, Halcyon Sea to our motley crew. He also selflessly sacrificed his sobriety so we could have the best of all possible times.
Yvonne and myself, looking for all the world like seasoned ramblers. Please note the use of life-jackets, which just goes to show how much confidence we had in our ability to sail. Me & Yvonne
Me & Yvonne
Note to self: don't suck sweets when someone takes a picture of you, as you end up looking like a bit of a plonker.

Louise on main sheet detail. Please note the use of technical yachty terms!! Adrian aka 'Village' is behind her just standing round and looking pretty. Along with Chris, he helped the more nautically challenged of us get started.
Adrian & Louise
Louise Another one of Louise. Can't remember where Adrian had disappeared to...
Just a pretty picture of a tall ship we came across on our way to Yarmouth. Tall Ship
The sunset at the Needles on the Isle of Wight. This proved to be a subtle reminder that it was time to get back to Yarmouth and seek the warmth and solace of a Yarmouth pub.
Adrian and Tad looking somewhat smug. Notice the genuine sailing jackets these two are wearing, proving them to be a cut above my amateurish self. Adrian & Tad
This is Yvonne in her more typical pose. I have to respect this woman's ability to snooze, having managed it in the cold and the rain while lying at a 45 degree angle.