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The end of July saw the wedding of Max and Rachel, two friends of mine whom I met when I was in Anguilla over the millenium. The weekend got off to a great start when I picked up my new car and hurtled down to Gloucestershire in the blazing sunshine to meet the crowd for dinner.
Max and Rachel, their familes and friends all got together for a big meal and a few beverages before heading back to Upper Nibley for some shut-eye before the big day.


Rachel and the bridesmaids getting ready for the big day. Given the late night the night before, and the last minute panic when Katie's boyfriend missed his flight from Dublin, everyone was fairly calm at this point.
Rachel, the blushing bride, looking absolutely gorgeous outside her parents' house in Nibley.
Rachel and her bridesmaids - Caroline, Katie, Anna and Naomi

Introducing Mr and Mrs Leslie!
Max & Rachel again...
Max and Rachel, with their parents, outside Nibley church. Instead of throwing confetti, the guests were given bubbles to blow, which was excellent fun. For the sake of wordplay I would have loved a picture of the vicar of Nibley, but it was not to be...

The traditional cutting of the cake.

The reception was held in a marquis in a field next to Rachel's parents' home and it looked stunning, festooned in the flowers from the church.

The traditional smiling after the cutting of the cake.  

Max & Rachel take to the dancefloor for the first dance. This is about the last time the dancefloor looked vaguely civilised, before a tribute band took up the mikes to start belting out hits of the 70's, 80's and 90's and the guests got drunk and danced like loons!