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July saw me going away with Paz for a weekend. I flew into Stockholm only to jump aboard a boat heading for Helsinki. I think I may have left part of my liver in the coast off Estonia...
Boat This is the sturdy craft that carried us and housed us for the weekend. Or should that be 'boated us'?
Anyhoo... it was a great boat with good food, several bars and jacuzzis, and all for the bargain price of 15
Paz and I christening the cabin with the worst black russian ever... it was so bad that not only did we not finish the bottle (excuse the pun), but we actually left it behind in the cabin when we left. Claire & Paz
Paz Paz on deck looking cooler than cool...
Either side of Paz are Simon and Roger (as seen on Two wayward travellers we met on our way there... they basically helped us drink even more than intended, while our contribution to the cultural exchange came in the form of Minttu - 50% proof Peppermint Schnapps The Boys
Doughnut Despite the hangover on arrival in Helsinki, I managed to down this local speciality - the meat doughnut. Strange but true, not to mention DELICIOUS!
This is one of the Cathedrals in Helsinki - had to stick a touristy shot in here somewhere... building
Fountain Here's another one just for good measure...
Paz and Kiidos the Monkey Moose - a present for Zoe. It was hard to get Paz to let go and he and Kiidos formed quite a bond over that weekend... Kiidos