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It's taken me 2 months to get these pictures up. How crap am I?
Luckily Eleanor hasn't taken it personally, and she even helped me weed out the truly appalling ones... there always has to be one however, so the Gurner of the Year award has to go to the lovely Paz.
El & Claire Me and the lovely El on the occasion of her 29th birthday. I believe we were at the Dover Castle on Southover Street when this was taken.
El and Paul. Paul only popped out for a couple as he had kung fu in the morning or some such nonsense. He ended up the worst of us all if memory serves me, and didn't re-surface until late on Sunday by all accounts. El & Paul
Claire & Paul He gets around, doesn't he? I decided the one where he licked my face would be saved for a future blackmailing opportunity.
Eleanor & her boyfriend Rich. Rumour has it that his infamous dreads are no more, so keep checking back here for the shaven version... El & Rich
us A good proportion of us, executing various contortions in order to get in shot.
Bless him! Paz