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Calvi Day 5 - "Les derrieres des pompiers est plus meilleurs de les legionnaires", "Rebecca, I think I've cut off the circulation to my tits", "Le pillule pour le matin après le soir avant"
The continuous partying was finally starting to get to us, we were both exhausted and couldn't face doing anything today except a shopping trip to Calvi to see if there were any souvenirs we could pick up other than 'Asterix en Corse'. Having timed our arrival into Calvi to coincide with lunchtime when all the shops were shut we decided to visit the much praised beach. It was sandy, which was a first, and Rebecca saw her first Kite surfer.
After Calvi it was decided to make a detour to Le Orsini Vineyard to pick up some wine, and some liquers, oh let's not forget les aperitifs either.
In the evening we repaired yet again to Au Son des Guitares, somehow we were prevailled upon to try another bar. It had an Irish air to it and plenty of Legionnaires to entertain. They had some foolish plan to get us drunk on the regimental cocktail. Naturally, being English, they didn't have a hope. Getting bored of this, we returned to our spiritual home. Au Son des Guitares was heaving, not just with Legionnaires this time, but also Les Pompiers... Heaven! Claire & Emilio
Fwarr Day 6 - "Tu sais les mots 'le detox'?"
Packing day. Despite our ambitious plans to go to St. Antonio this morning we didn't manage to get up until 11:30 so decided to do the sensible thing and pack our bags instead. Mid-morning the phone rang, it was Roberto calling to check if we'd eaten yet. He said if we picked him and a colleague up from Camp Rafelli at 1 they would buy us lunch. It would have been rude to refuse, plus, there was a certain satisfaction in making them sit in the back, whilst us girls travelled up front.
Lunch at Matahari's on Lumio plage and then we were directed to a secluded bit of coastline for a spot of sunbathing on our part and macho displays on theirs. This is the lovely Roberto yet again, told you we saw a lot of him that week. Please note the look on my face in this particular picture...

And some of us managed to see even more.........
Rebecca & Roberto
Group Hug At the end of a very good day, we just had to do the group photo thing to show our grandchildren.....
Back to the apartment to get changed, Kevin had to be dragged forceably away from his new friend the kitten, and then off into Calvi, dinner, a few games of pool and to say 'au revoir' to Au Son des Guitares. There were only a couple of pained faces when we said we'd see them next year. Kevin & Oscar
Going Home
Day 7 - "Back to reality"
We loaded the car and did a final apartment check. To my delight there was a Legion Etranger towel that had been left behind by Kevin this morning. I had coveted that towel for most of the previous day, and it seemed someone was watching over me...
We drove back to Bastia, as we went past the camp for the very last time I slowed right down and gave Rebecca a countdown to the gates, she took a photo, I put my foot down, and we said goodbye to Calvi.