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Oh woe is me! I've finally said goodbye to my twenties and welcomed in the dubious thirties. People in their thirties have been eager to tell me that life only gets better when you get to this ripe old age however I can't help but think that the old bastards doth protest too much.
Anyway, enough whinging. Apart from anything else, turning thirty had to be the best excuse for a party I'd heard of in a while, so I went ahead and organised a knees-up at the Mitre Pub near Lancaster Gate.
There is no real way of telling at what point in the evening all these photos were taken, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.
Yoohoo! No idea what I was doing here at all....
Can only guess that I was telling wide-mouth frog jokes... Claire & Rebecca
This one's easy. Dancing with Rachel!

The female contingent! Apart from Rachel, that is. Must have exhausted her with all that dancing.
Rachel Ah yes, here she is. Raring to go!
Mat passes on my wide-mouthed frog joke. Mat
Max & Mat
Max & Mat. Say no more.