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I was nominated by my neighbour Ian as an....ah hum... outstanding member of my community. As a result I was charged with taking part in the Jubilee Baton relay race - a race that carried the Commonwealth Games torch, carrying the Queen's message to open the Commonwealth Games.


Alternatively try this! Claire runs with the baton on video!!! One day I will work out how to rotate the picture...
Tiara Just before the off, and wearing my outfit of choice. The race coordinators were not as convinced about my pink maribou tiara however and it unfortunately had to be left behind. And there was me thinking I was abiding by the whole 'royal' theme...
The group of us outside the Guide Dogs headquarters for our official photocall. I would be the one holding the puppy... Official Photo
Another group picture - this time in front of the bus that dropped us off at our various places along the route.

The media convoy. I was in the unfortunate position of having to run along the street with police motorcyclists in convoy, the Cadburys/BBC media van and all the traffic help up in both directions. I mean I know I like to be the centre of attention, but this was extreme even for me!
handover Having not even broken a sweat, I hand over the baton to the next runner.

Job done. The next runner heads for the hills and I head for my gin and tonic.... :-)
job done