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19th February 2004

Rather than make excuses for why I haven't updated the site in ages, I'll just get on with letting you in on the latest news from Claire-ville.

Basically the last few months have been spent crashing my beautiful car and singlehandedly closing the M1, finding a new man, and attempting to buy a house out in Maidenhead.

I am officially turning into one of those boring grown up people who work all the time, don't get drunk on a weeknight and start to think that Alan Titchmarsh is a bit of a hotty.

In a few weeks, the house should be bought and you can look forward to a plethora of boring before and after pictures, as I become DIY obsessed...

June 26th 2003

A couple of noteworthy things have happened since I last updated the site back in October. Firstly the company I worked for was going to close down or sell off the UK office last December. This would almost certainly have meant redundancies and other unpalatable outcomes. To cut a long story short, my boss Dave and I carried out a management buy-out and succeeded in taking over the company. Given that I was now fairly unlikely to be looking for work elsewhere now, I decided to move to Maidenhead. Luckily Rebecca had the foresight / prerequisite insanity to come with me and so we are now firmly ensconsed in Berkshire these days...

Anyway if that's not a good excuse for not updating the site for ages, I don't know what is!

October 29th 2002

Happy Halloween!! I'd like to introduce you to my very scary pumpkin. Last Sunday I went to a Pumpkin Carving Party and this was the result. I thought I would try and liven up the web site by adding a touch of topical decoration.

Meanwhile, I have added some pictures of Max & Rachel's wedding, which I attended in July. The holiday pictures from Sicily will doubtless be forthcoming in the next couple of months as well, so please call again.

July 26th 2002

While it may have been ages since I updated my site, at least I am consistent in my tardiness. Anyway, you lucky people, I have been very diligent and put up not one lot but *four* lots of photographs for your delectation and delight. By the way, I am still maintaining that I am unphotogenic as opposed to just homely...
I haven't been up to much, with the exception of the events detailed on the left, but I am getting a bright shiny new car today, so expect me to bore you rigid with the details of that shortly.

December 9th 2001

Not much to report. Have put up some pictures of my sailing trip to the Isle of Wight, for the delectation of my fellow crew, and for those that didn't believe the rumour that Andrew Simpson's daughter was finally learning to sail.
Last night saw Rebecca and I hosting our naff christmas party. Unfortunately my camera seems to have given up the ghost just before the party got into full swing, so I shall have to hope the disposable ones come out. On the other hand, judging from the state of us, it's probably just as well there is no lasting evidence.

November 18th 2001

Finally, after 2 months, I have managed to get Corsica part 2 up on the site. Now by now I know a lot of you are thinking that I am just plain lazy, but I will have you know that I have been one busy bee. Recently I have been the hobby queen - after an introduction to golf while I was in Boston, I caugt the golf bug and have been taking lessons at my local course. I am still crap, but at least I can bluff my way through golf chat at the 19th hole...
In addition, I have taken up Tae Kwon-Do. At the moment it means that I spend most of my days hobbling around Tooting with either muscles stretched to breaking point, or bruises where parts of my body came into contact with parts of Rebecca's.

September 16th 2001

I know that I am doing this arse about face, but I have put up part 1 of the Corsica pictures before the Boston pictures. It's a lot easier to get motivated when you have Rebecca nagging you to get things done.
Part 2 will be posted later when I have got my film developed (digital camera had to be fixed), and includes the eagerly awaited Legionnaires-in-very-little pictures.
Apart from that, what news? My programme is being broadcast on October 4th at 7.30pm on BBC2. I may well have to leave the country following that as the shame for my family will be too great to bear.

August 5th 2001

It has taken me an absolute age to get around to putting up the pictures from Helsinki... I apologise. It was the best! Boston pictures to come soon.

Haven't been up to much since I broke my foot, but I am almost back up to scratch.

Expect to see me at a golf course near you soon....

April 28th 2001

I can't really remember what I have been up to over the last few weeks. It vaguely involves the visiting of parents, dodgy theme bars and performing my rendition of Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You through the medium of dance. Something tells me that anyone there that night will never be able to hear that song without thinking of me....
I have also been spending stoopid amounts of money on getting my tattoos removed. The good news is that you can see the demise of Dick-head the Unicorn by clicking on the link to the left periodically.

April 4th 2001

I won't go on and on about what I have been up to, as it's all pretty ordinary lately.
I have finally managed to get the skiing pictures up, and they can be found by clicking on the links to the left. Sorry it has taken so long.
I still have to put up the pictures from El's birthday, but those will follow soon I promise.

March 11th 2001

Blimey O'Reilly! What a week it's been! Firstly there was my birthday, consisting of copious amounts of cachaca, followed by a skiing holiday in Serre Chevalier, France.

There I earned the name of 'The Alpine Assassin', due to my uncanny ability to take out all those that dare ski near me. And there you all were thinking that my natural athleticism would carry me through....

The obligatory birthday pictures can be got to by clicking on the link to the left, which is pretty impressive as I've only been back in the country a few hours.

Skiing photographs will be up in the next few days, probably in stages, as there are far too many.

May 14th 2001
The really big news has to be the fact that me and a group of mates went to Top of the Pops last week. For my foreign friends, TOTP is a pop program aired by the BBC every week for about 40 years. I defy any British child to say that they have never had a desire to go! Much fun was had...
The second biggest news was that I think we had our first summery weekend. I even got a little sunburnt. Could summer be here, or now that the cloud has returned, can we assume it is already over?

June 14th 2001

I know, I know. It has been over a month since I last updated my site, but so much has been going on, I am sure you will forgive me....
I have been embroiled in the making of a BBC documentary on online dating. The general premise is that I, representing a normal, average girl, register at a web site and try and get my claws into an unsuspecting male and get him to go out with me. This is all, of course, captured on film, so that half a million people will be able to watch me and mock me from the safety of their sofa.
So far, I have done the filming of me and my life, now all I have to do is film the date itself. I have a man all lined up and we have a date on Saturday, so check back later and see how it went.

Newsflash! He has found this site, and all that it contains, and is still willing to meet me. All nominations for medals of bravery should be sent to ...

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CLASS="maintext">Newsflash! He has found this site, and all that it contains, and is still willing to meet me. All nominations for medals of bravery should be sent to ...

See previous entries CLASS="maintext">Newsflash! He has found this site, and all that it contains, and is still willing to meet me. All nominations for medals of bravery should be sent to ...

See previous entries CLASS="maintext">Newsflash! He has found this site, and all that it contains, and is still willing to meet me. All nominations for medals of bravery should be sent to ...

See previous entries